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Carr Mount Estate offers a wide range of clay pigeon shooting

From complete beginners to experienced shots our professional team including two CPSA health and safety officers will set up a layout to suit you and your skill level. Beginners can enjoy an introduction to the sport in a safe and relaxed environment and will be sure to leave smiling!

The Experienced Shooter

For the experienced shot we have a variety of stands simulating game shooting, including the high pheasant that appears towering over the trees in front of you, perfect for that pre season practice.

The Grouse Butt

This is probably our favourite stand, a very fast low clay with varying degrees of angle skimming over the top of the butt, that really tests the skills and speed of the shooter!

The Woodland Peg

A quick partridge whistling just over the tree tops along with a high curling pheasant way up above the canopy. A carpet of blue bells during spring makes this a great place to spend time enjoying this fantastic sport.

All PPE, cartridges and guns are provided. Contact Philip for pricing and availability

T: 07534398550


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